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Misty Brown
Nancy Tentman-Brown


Penetrating and reflective, “Do You Ever” takes the listener on a journey of unspoken thoughts and whispers of a broken heart. Whether it’s the thought of a past love, the loss of a loved one, a broken friendship, the pain of mental illness, or the wonderings of a soul from beyond, this song verbalizes all of the unspoken questions of the heart. Get lost in the lyrics and take a soulful journey into the depths of a wondering heart.



Verse 1:

Do you ever

Think about me on the nights when the sky is clear and free?

Is there a certain place you go that reminds you of the love we used to know?

Does it break your heart sometimes when you remember that you’re not mine?

Is there the slightest bit of regret?

Am I one of the ones you won’t forget?


(Mmmm) I wonder sometimes….Do you ever? (Oooooo) I wonder sometimes…Do you ever?

Verse 2:

When the sun sets low and you’re by yourself do you pull our memories down off the shelf?

Do you sit sometimes and think things through? Things you wish you’d said? Things we’ll never do?

Does it cross your mind every now and then that you’ll never see my face again?

Do you silently nurse a broken heart even though you’ve moved on and made a brand new start?


(Mmmm) I wonder sometimes….Do you ever? (Oooooo) I wonder sometimes…Do you ever?


I know that we said goodbye and went our separate ways. We learned the lessons needed, gone on to

Better days. But still I can’t deny sometimes I think of you, and I wonder sometimes…

Do you ever think about me, too?


Do you ever? Do you ever?


Do you ever think about me, ooooo, late at night when the wind is free?

I know I’ll never see you again but I can’t stop wondering.

Gotta let my pride go ‘cause I wanna know. I wanna know, I wanna know. Gotta know, I gotta know it.

Ooooo, wanna know, I wanna know. I remember a time when you were mine….

Misty Brown
Nancy Tentman-Brown


I am an African-American Southern California native. I am a self-taught pianist and singer. I’ve played professionally for churches, weddings, etc. and performed r&b/jazz/soul for hire at special engagements and private parties over the years. Interesting, on more than one occasion, people have told me that I remind them of the beautiful, talented, and amazing Ms. Nina Simone. I was never quite sure what they meant by that because in all honesty (I’m embarrassed to say) I knew almost nothing about her. I didn’t realize how sad that fact was until I got older. It baffled me that I had lived in America all of my life, and considered myself a music lover, yet I knew so little about her. So, I went on a personal quest to learn more about her and to give a serious listen to the music she blessed the world with.

In my quest to find out more, I came across the website It was very informative! And beyond the wonderful photos and interesting facts, I found the “Nina Simone Radio”. Wow! What a goldmine! As I read about and listened to her, I became more and more humbled to think that anyone would have remotely compared my style to hers! What an amazing talent! What a brave and courageous artist! What a phenomenal African-American woman!

I also noted on the website that an art contest was being held. I saw so many beautiful renderings of this great woman and I wanted so badly to be a part of this celebration of music royalty, but I am no painter. I thought and thought about it for days, and then it came to me! The way that I could honor such a great woman was to use the one art form that she and I both had in common: I would offer a song! So, I set out to write a song for Nina. The song came to me relatively quickly, almost pouring out like water. And for the first time ever in my life, I decided to go to a professional studio and record it. I titled it “Finding Nina”. It is a true reflection of self-discovery and an offering of love and respect to an ancestor to whom my spirit feels kindred.

I hope that my song, in some way, will raise more awareness to others who, like me, may have been robbed of the privilege of experiencing the musical magic of Ms. Nina Simone.

Peace and blessings!




I'm gonna have to admit it

Much as I love music sweet

I gotta say that I've never

Really been down your street

So, I dusted off my old cd's

Lit a candle and pulled the shade

Basked in the beauty of greatness

What a difference your music has made

Finding Nina

Finding Nina

Finding Nina

Finding Me

African Piscean Princess

Brave and unashamed

Gifted by The Ancient of Days

Music's Muze, A Blaze

Finding Nina

Finding Nina

Finding Nina

Finding Me

Funky in Central Park Blues

Play on - Sister play

Sounds so good -

Made me have to sit up

Sit up and look your way

Four Sisters

Celebrating (whoo) celebrating the beauty of every hue (ooo)

How could I ever know

How could I ever know love

When I never knew you?

You sang of injustice -


And I sing of injustice in Florida, too

Finding Nina

Finding Nina

Finding Nina

Finding Me

Finding Me (yeah)

Finding Me